Recovery After Abortion

Are you hurting from an abortion experience, even years later? You are not alone!

First Step offers a post-abortion recovery and healing program called Living in Colour, designed by Jenny McDermid who has had two abortions and says:

… ‘forbidden grief’ describes the sadness and pain felt by many women following their abortion decision. This pain is seldom confined to the loss of a child; many also lose relationships, self-worth and hope for the future. These losses must be grieved and, as with all grieving journeys, this involves processing emotional responses such as relief, denial, guilt, shame, depressions, anger, and forgiveness. The post-abortive woman also needs to allow herself to “know” her child in order to say goodbye for now.

“Having processed her grief, it is important to pay attention to what comes next. Many women find that their recovery journeys teach them valuable life lessons that contribute to increased strength of character, wisdom, vision and hope. The final chapter of the program celebrates the process of emerging from the ‘grey zone’ of unresolved loss into a life of colour, freedom and joy.”

All counselling is free and confidential. Contact us to start your Post Abortion Healing today.

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